Acquiring a Business with Help from CII M&A

Anyone can give you advice on acquiring a business, but only a highly trained expert can give you the best advice. That’s why more and more people are turning to CII M&A, the most trusted professional network of Business Intermediaries in the world.

Making it on Your Own with Help from CII M&A

Everyone has different reasons for choosing business ownership. Some want a change in lifestyle with more personal freedom and unlimited profit potential. Others choose to introduce new products and services through existing operations. Almost everyone is attracted by the estate building and tax advantages of owning a business. Whatever your motivation, you can count on your CII M&A Intermediary to introduce you to businesses that match your individual interests, goals and capabilities.

The Statistics Say it All

The vast majority of people seeking to acquire a business have never bought or owned a business. Consequently, they are unprepared for the complexities of acquiring a business.

More than 50% of all small to medium size business acquisitions arranged without professional intermediaries result in buyer dissatisfaction.

Whether you’re prepared to invest $500,000 or $50 million, your first question about any business opportunity should be, "Why is this business for sale?"

CII M&A Intermediaries have the answers. Often times, an owner's motivation is transparent such as retirement, health issues, partnership issues or divorce. What if the reasons aren’t so apparent? How can you protect yourself from morning-after “surprises”?

This is where CII M&A’s professional edge can really make a difference in a successful acquisition. We will make every effort to provide you with pertinent information on a target company’s financial performance, staffing, facilities, equipment, inventory, product lines, customers, and market areas served.

We will help you arrive at a realistic analysis of an operation’s strengths and weaknesses. We will urge you to be clear about your objectives and capabilities. CII M&A Intermediaries are interested in helping our clients achieve their goals by matching buyers with an ideal business.

Buying a Business May Be the Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make

If you are like most people, you’ll buy a business only once in your lifetime. You may have only one shot at turning your vision into reality. One shot at getting it right, or getting it all wrong.

If you’re ready to invest your resources in a business of your own, talk it over with a CII M&A professional. We are ready to help you acquire a business that will meet your needs both professionally and personally.

Smooth Transactions Lead to Successful Transitions

Whether you’re a first time business buyer or a seasoned investor, you can look to CII M&A for assistance in every phase of the transaction.

CII M&A Intermediaries are accomplished trained business professionals with successful backgrounds in careers ranging from management and accounting, to real estate, law, marketing and sales. They receive continuous, advanced education in the art and regulation of business valuations, deal structuring, negotiations, deal closing and follow-up. Every CII M&A Intermediary received extensive training in the use of our proprietary Buyer Profile. The Buyer Profile was developed over several years and has been the catalyst to successfully help buyers in their quest to acquire a business that’s right for them. Every CII M&A Intermediary is committed to the highest standards of professional ethics.

In short, CII M&A Intermediaries aren’t just ordinary business brokers. They are business transition experts, with more than one billion dollars worth of transaction experience to prove it.

Every CII M&A Intermediary is committed to become their clients most valuable asset by providing helpful expert advice, that’s the CII M&A difference. We invite you to experience the difference firsthand.

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Thank you for a job well done...I do not hand out references except where they are true and well earned, as was the case with the sale of my business. I believe this transaction was successful because of your systematic approach.

GrantAir Companies - Larry Dickerson (Seller)