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Every business owner will exit their business at some point and when they do, maintaining confidentiality throughout the process becomes a main objective. Business owners fear that if confidentiality is breached their key employees might quit, customers might buy elsewhere, suppliers might tighten credit terms, lenders might cancel lines of credit and competitors might gain a strategic advantage.

At CII M&A we understand these concerns and do everything possible to ensure complete confidentiality. We provide precise information for acquirers through the use of a Blind Profile which offers a synopsis of the company while keeping its identity unknown. Pre-screened and motivated prospects are mandated to sign a strict Confidentiality Agreement before any additional information is provided. Each step in the CII M&A process reflects the idea that confidentiality is crucial and paramount to the successful sale of a business.

Once the prospective buyer signs a confidentiality agreement, they will be given a Confidential Business Report. This report includes confidential information that has been provided to us by the business owner. It contains enough information that a prospective buyer can make an informed decision to move forward if the business fits their criteria.

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Your firm has acted as agents for us in the sale of two different businesses and we would like to commend you for the professionalism you have rendered.

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