Buy or Sell Your Business Successfully with the CII M&A 7 Step Process

1. Identify Objectives

  • The first step is to develop a clear understanding of our client's requirements and strategic goals. These include determining the seller's desired "need value," timing, tax consequences and interest in future involvement. Only then can we work toward meeting the client's needs.

2. Analysis and Evaluation

  • For many business owners the value of their business represents up to 80% of their net worth. Therefore, an accurate determination of the business’s value is essential. CII M&A Intermediaries are trained to perform a professional valuation using our proprietary business valuation system. Through the use of this systematic approach we will establish a range of value that generally meets or exceeds your expectations.

3. Decision to Hold or Sell

  • There are several factors that could influence a business owner’s decision to sell or hold onto their business. In order to properly make that determination they must start with knowing how much their business is worth. Once the value has been determined the decision becomes easier. Whatever the decision is, your CII M&A Intermediary will develop a plan to implement it.

4. Create a Confidential Business Report

  • A Confidential Business Report (CBR) will be written and made available to potential buyers once they have signed a confidentiality agreement. The CBR will include enough information for a potential buyer to determine their level of interest and their range of value. It streamlines the business review process and allows your CII M&A Professional to effectively provide information regarding your business to buyers from around the world.

5. Development of a Strategic Marketing Plan

  • Your CII M&A Intermediary will customize a targeted marketing strategy to identify potential acquirers. State-of-the-art technology allows him to match the business with a select list of the most qualified buyers. They will review our proprietary database, which includes detailed acquisition criteria for thousands of potential buyers. Then local, national and international marketing strategies are planned to reach the most appropriate buyers.

6. Implementation

  • After developing the appropriate strategy your CII M&A Professional will implement the marketing plan. Prequalified and motivated buyers are shown a Blind Seller Profile that describes the basic opportunity without disclosing information that could identify your company. When prospects express additional interest, they must execute a Confidentiality Agreement. Upon approval of the prospect, the Confidential Business Report is then forwarded to the buyer. All exchanges of information are strictly controlled to protect client confidentiality. Your CII M&A Intermediary coordinates and leads, all client approved conferences, site visits and negotiation sessions to obtain optimum purchase proposals. This process continues until a satisfactory offer and deal structure is agreed upon. Our goal is to obtain maximum value for our clients.

7. Closing

  • Your CII M&A Intermediary works in partnership with your legal and accounting team to oversee the removal of all contingencies in order to orchestrate a successful closing.

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I want to thank you for the competent and professional manner with which you handed the marketing and sale of my business.  Your experience and business savvy were invaluable assets to me.

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