CII M&A Guides Various Types of Buyers through the Business Sale Process

Midsize and large privately held companies are purchased by unique types of buyers with very specific criteria. CII M&A Intermediaries use marketing techniques that are targeted directly to these unique buyers. We have a database of over 1,500 Private Equity Groups and over 12 million Private and Public companies with a list of their acquisition criteria.

Understanding who the buyers are and their acquisition criteria will enable business owners to be better prepared when the time comes to sell. Proper evaluation, packaging and presentation to the most likely buyers enhance the probability of a sale within a reasonable period of time and at the targeted selling price.

The broad categories of buyers include financial buyers, synergistic buyers, and individual buyers with a high net worth. Within each of these categories there are subgroups that often have very different acquisition criteria.

Minimize the Stress of Selling a Business

Selling a business can be a traumatic and frustrating experience or it can be a financially rewarding experience and provide peace of mind knowing that a business nurtured with blood sweat and tears will continue on with job security for its employees and a steady stream of products and services for its customers. Owning a business is part of the American dream. Cashing out can be the continuation of that dream or a nightmare depending upon how the transaction is handled.

Hiring a CII M&A professional business intermediary to guide you through the business sale process can insure that the business is priced correctly, and presented to the right buyers in a confidential manner. The costs of the Business Intermediary's services are usually more than offset by the broker being able to obtain a higher price due to proper valuation, marketing techniques and exposure to the right buyer prospects.

No matter which buyer group you fall into, we can help you sell your business.

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"I have been through other acquisitions, and I am please to inform you that the negotiations to acquire GrantAir were a most delightful experience which none of the others could surpass."

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